Personalized Book Decor


Whether you are looking for the perfect decor to finish off a space in your home or looking for that unique gift for someone in your life, our hand made custom book stacks are the perfect item.  All books are carefully sourced to be re-purposed to create a beautiful custom piece of decor.  Each book binding is hand stamped with any wording or names that you choose.


How To Order Your Personalized Book Stack

Price listed is per personalized book.  To purchase multiple sets of custom books, select the total quantity of books you would like to order.  And then In the "Order Notes" at checkout just let us know how many books are in each set. You can list the names or words to be added to each book binding. For example, you can use the format below in the checkout notes to order 2 sets of books.

Checkout Order Notes Example:

Three books are in the first set and two books in the second set:

Book Set 1

Book Set 2
est 2019

Animal Paw Prints

Our family has 4 dogs, they are part of our family!  If there are any animals in your family, and you would like a paw print next to their name, let us know in the order details at checkout which animal name should have the paw print.

Personalized Inspiration

Looking for the perfect decor to finish off a space in your home? Or are you looking for that unique gift for someone in your life?  Our hand made personalized book stack sets are a the perfect gift.  Family member first names are a popular option.  Some people like to add inspirational words to remind them of positive thoughts throughout their day.

Some popular ideas for our personalized book stacks include - Gifts for Nurses and Doctors, Lawyers, Teachers desk decor, Home Decor, Housewarming, Birthdays, etc.

Your options for wording is endless. You can create any phrase, add as many names, or dates as you'd like (as long as it fits on the book!). This is your personalized book set. Each book set will be similar in size, we try to get them as close as possible.

Why choose personalized book stack decor from Load of Craft?

Jenifer puts quality above all else.  She sources books in the best condition and hand crafts each book stack to ensure it will look good for years to come.  She prides herself on putting out the best quality book stacks available anywhere.  If she is not happy with how a book looks or the binding doesn't sit right - she recycles the book and uses a new one with each set she makes.  She really loves her customers which is why so many come back and buy more custom book decor from her regularly!

Additional Note

If there are any questions, I may contact you before I make your order.  Should you have any questions visit our contact page

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